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On every Saturday night, millions across the country are glued to watching Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishaan (MZZB) a TV drama telecast in Pakistan. It is based on novelist Umera Ahmed’s MZZB is no less than stellar. Directed by Babar Javed and produced by 7th Sky productions, MZZB is about the clash of traditionalists and modernists. The larger than life egos of the elders, twisted thinking and misunderstandings that end up ruining many lives. The misuse of Quran ki qasam is also highlighted in the serial and shows how fallible beings use the holy text to their advantage without realising the implications and repercussions that come out of it.

The story opens when a young girl, Sara (Sarwat Gillani), shows up unannounced at Arfeen Abbass’s house, informing him of her mother Saba’s death. In flashbacks, we are told as to how Saba is pursued by her cousins Arfeen (Faisal Qureshi) and Adil (Adnan Siddiqi) and it’s the former whom she also adores. However, Saba faces strong opposition from Tai Amma, played by Samina Pirzada and her astute husband, played by a seething Khayam Sarahadi. What follows next is a web of intrigue spun by Tai Amma and her daughters that ultimately results in tarnishing Saba’s character and her divorce from Afreen. The story moves on and focuses on the present where the characters that were pivotal in Saba’s downfall are repentant and willing to make amends.

With Sara and Haider’s (Imran Abbass) romance blossoming, a twist in the tale comes when the former disappears after her Nikkah and as a result, some old secrets come into light but not in a pleasant manner. There is a scene in which Saba is beaten mercilessly by her uncle that could have been done more subtly. While the director maybe trying to portray reality, the whole shout fest just solidifies the notion that it is okay for a man to beat a woman to show his dominance.

Over all, there are two stars of the play but must admit this drama is much much much better than the dailysoaps telecasted in Indian Televisions. Though I don’t like to watch these dailysoaps & i’m not creating issue & raising finger on the skills of Indian direction but checkout this MZZB’s episodes, all the episodes are so clean to watch with family with great story line n strong theatrical background. The Language is so soothing n dialogs are well executed. you can judge the Storyline is so addictive n interesting that I’ve watched the whole Drama of 19 Episodes continuously in a row. I started by 1st Episode at around 7pm on 13th Jan 2011 n ended by around 7:15am in the morning, around 12 hour continuous play on YouTube.

Last but not the least is the haunting score of MZZB that has been superbly sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The title song pulls at your heart strings and is getting plenty of air time on radio and music channels. The video had quite a large number of hits on YouTube before it was removed due to a copy right claim. Below I’m droppring the Whole 19 episodes Link If you guys get little spare time, then it’s a must watch.

Episodes Links :
Episode1 | Episode2 | Episode3 | Episode4 | Episode5 | Episode6 | Episode7 | Episode8 | Episode9 | Episode10 | Episode11 | Episode12 | Episode13 | Episode14 | Episode15 | Episode16 | Episode17 | Episode18 | Episode19

Special thanks :
Umera Ahmed for writting such a beautiful novel.
naumanayubi for Uploading the whole Episodes on You Tube.
YouTube for providing the Platform for global share.
Tata photon Plus for Providing uninterrupted broadband service.



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